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 PLOT of characters

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PostSubject: PLOT of characters   Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:53 am

My character:

Beginning Nathan: Part 1-
Name: Nathan
About Me: I am a trader who enjoys some adventure. I am a trader with my pal Jayson, who is awesome, but we both constantly get dragged to do quests randomly, like... We helped a person smith a dagger and hide helmet. I learned how to chop some wood, I get 5 gold each 2 pieces, epic but its a hard job! I also love doing strategies. I am a Archmage and Warrior, I am great at enchanting and blocking. I am best at most skills. Explain further in story.
Gender: Male
Relationship: Open
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PostSubject: Re: PLOT of characters   Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:05 am

My character:Jayson
I'm a character who does not leave his house much, the sun has never been the best to him. but Out of life theres a few things he look for word too like all the cash in skyrim. but has an act of having the oddest things hapenning to him but he has a way out of everything somehow. But he has just started going on a canvan with his best friend and his life fills like it just started.....
Skills: has a great way with the shadows and is great with shops and selling stuff for more then its worth
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PLOT of characters
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